Crosshairs Firearm Training

Crosshairs Firearm Training

NRA Certified Instructor

Haverhill MA. 01832


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Crosshairs Firearm Training


In this 3 to 4 hour course the trainee will learn the following skills and more:
  1. Review the rules for safe firearm handling
  2. Firearm parts and operation for pistols and revolvers.
  3. Shooting fundamentals, stances, sighting, breathing, trigger squeeze, follow through
  4. Review of various activities available to help participants develop and improve their shooting skills


During this class the trainee will cover safe firearm handling where we will explain and demonstrate the proper and safe way to handle firearms in a controlled manner. How the firearm operates and it's parts. Basic shooting fundamentals of sight picture, sight alignment, breath control, natural aiming alignment, and other skills to improve your shooting fundamentals. After we cover safety and firearm operation, the trainees will be introduced to several different computerized softwares that are available to purchase and practice anytime they wish.

PLEASE NOTE!! This class DOES NOT qualify for the NRA certificate required to apply for your Massachusetts License to Carry. However, if you take this class, then sign up for the NRA Basic Pistol which does qualify for the Massachuetts License to Carry, we will apply $25 from this class toward the NRA Basic Pistol Class.

Tuesday March 7th, 2023 at 05:30pm till about 9:00pm.

Classes are $50.00 per trainee and classes are limited to 4 trainees per class.

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If you have young children in your home and you wish to introduce them to firearms, we welcome them and will "gently" guide them in distinguishing between real firearms and toys. They will handle AirSoft type firearms and firearm safety will be stressed dispite them handling toy firearms in the class. Please let us know so we can make proper accommodations for them.

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* LTC-002, LTC-007, FID-001 are course numbers from Mass General Law Chapter 140, § 131P and 515CMR 3.00