Crosshairs Firearm Training

Crosshairs Firearm Training

NRA Certified Instructor

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Crosshairs Firearm Training


We offer the following NRA Certified Classes:

Basic Pistol (*LTC-002): $140.00 per person, discounts for 3 or more family members.

NRA SimCo -- this is a non-shooting class and is geared towards trainees that have no firearm experience but are thinking about getting their LTC, or the seasoned firearm owner that wants to learn new methods to get practice at home and not spend time and money at the range doing live fire. $50.00 per trainee and if that trainee signs up for the Basic Pistol Class then $25.00 would be applied toward that class.

Basic Rifle (*FID-001): $200.00 per person, discounts for 3 or more family members.

Home Firearm Safety (*LTC-007): $125.00 per person, discounts for 3 or more family members.
(It is highly recommended that the perspective trainee have firearm knowledge if taking the Home Firearm Safety course.)

Private and Semi-Private classes are available upon request.
Basic Pistol: $250.00 private, $400.00 semi-private and weekdays.
Basic Rifle: $300.00 private, $500.00 semi-private and weekdays.
Home Firearm Safety: $150.00 private, $225.00 semi-private and weekdays.

All classes begin at 8:30am unless prior arrangements have been made.
Basic Pistol Classes are 8 to 9 hours, Basic Rifle Classes are 14 hours and done over 2 days, and the Home Safety Classes are 4½ to 5 hours.

Trainees wishing to apply for their non-resident LTC in Florida must notify the instructor so that the proper paperwork will be available the day of the class. (Three to five day lead time required.)

Click here to see an interactive map that shows you which states honor other states permits, both resident and non-resident. (BIG thanks to USA Carry for these detailed maps.)

The cost of the Florida LTC is $117.00 and is valid for 7 years,
New Hampshire is $100.00 and is valid for 5 years.

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