Crosshairs Firearm Training

Crosshairs Firearm Training

NRA Certified Instructor

Haverhill MA. 01832


Your home is your castle...protect it!

Crosshairs Firearm Training

Home Safety Class: (LTC-007)

This NRA Certified Instructor led course will help you learn how to safely store your firearms in your home to prevent unwanted access to them. Firearm safety begins at home, and protecting your family from accidental access to your firearms is as important as protecting them from unwanted intruders. As a law-abiding firearm owner, it is your responsibility to know the safest ways to secure your firearms using any or a combination of these methods:
  1. firearm safes
    • biometric
    • keyless
    • combination
    • padlock
  2. firearm locks
    • the different locks available
    • cable locks
    • trigger locks
  3. ammunition storage

This course is also designed to allow you to apply for your LTC A or an FID card. Under Massachusetts law anyone wishing to own, possess or keep firearms must take at minimum, a firearm safety class, this class meets those requirements. Upon completetion of the class, the trainee will receive all the paperwork required to apply for their license at their local police department.

We use the newest and most productive LASER firearm shooting on the market. Using real firearms, you'll shoot targets, flying cans, and other simulations all from the safety of the classroom. Although live fire is not a requirement for this class, I do offer individual training at a local range for those wishing to do so.

This class also teaches children the proper things to do should they come across a firearm, ammunition, or other weapon accidentally. Using Airsoft handguns, your child will learn the difference between real and toy firearms, and what to do should they ever come across a real firearm.
This class is about 4½ hours, starts at 8:30 until about 1pm.

NEXT COURSE: By request provided that the trainee has had firearm training in the past. We do not recommend this class for someone new to firearms as this class is geared mainly to firearm storage, firearm safety, and some handling of firearms in the classroom only. Although live fire is offered, it is not required,
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