Crosshairs Firearm Training

Crosshairs Firearm Training

NRA Certified Instructor

Haverhill MA. 01832


Your home is your castle...protect it!

Crosshairs Firearm Training


Your home is your castle...protect it!! You have the right to protect your family, yourself, your home, and your possessions. Train now to learn the basic skills required to own a firearm in Massachusetts. Chapter 180 requires that anyone wishing to own and/or carry a firearm must take a qualifying course. Our NRA Certified Instructor led Basic Pistol (*LTC-002) course meets those requirements.

The NRA has changed the training criteria into a two part platform. You first need to sign up for the online blended learning portion of the training done here, then sign up for the classroom portion of the training which can be done here.

Students who pass this course will receive certificates that will allow them to apply for a license to carry a firearm in Massachusetts. Your right to own, possess, and carry a firearm is protected under the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. As a legal, law abiding citizen, you can own a firearm for self defense of your family, yourself, and your castle. Learning the skills required to become a knowledgeable firearm owner begins with this Basic Pistol (*LTC-002) class. Our Basic Pistol Class features state-of-the-art LASER Training techniques making it the safest way to train.

Refuse to become a victim, questions or comments or sign up here now and take the next NRA Basic Pistol Class to begin the process.

Our next scheduled class is: Basic Pistol

We also offer classes in Basic Rifle (*FID-001) and Home Safety (*LTC-007).


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* LTC-002, LTC-007, FID-001 are course numbers from Mass General Law Chapter 140, § 131P and 515CMR 3.00